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Gehwol foot care

A story of 135 years , which continues ... The pharmacist Eduard Gerlach undertaken in 1868 in Lubbecke of Westphalia in his father's store , creating a successful family business, which today, with brand GEHWOL, identified internationally integrated foot care . With the passage of time and with the industrialization of production, GEHWOL made ​​foot care affordable to large sections of the population , and laid the foundations for the creation of a general philosophy for foot care . The absolute orientation to quality, combined with innovative applications and working with people specialists in foot care led GEHWOL the top! With consistency , customer focus and innovation , the company is currently facing dynamic challenges of the competitive business environment , and thanks to modern plant research facilities and manufacturing technologies implemented , ensures excellent quality of its products. The active products GEHWOL are unique in their field , as the basis of its composition consists of natural ingredients.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 45 items