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management of HypertensionImportance clinically tested gauges The pressure measurement is important if the results are accurate. Inaccurate results are confusing and therefore wrong address . So we must pay attention to the quality of the device when you buy sphygmomanometer . High blood pressure is the initial stage for some of the most dangerous diseases today with proper setting , can be kept under good control . Measure your blood pressure regularly , so you can notice significant changes .Pressure gauges microlife approved by the European Society of Hypertension ESH ( International Protocol) and the British Institute of Hypertension BHS ( VIS Protocol). Arrhythmia Detection Technology Early diagnosis of the arrhythmia is very important since it helps the preventive potential cardiac disease. The technology PAD ( arrhythmia detection technology ) of Microlife warns you and your doctor for arrhythmia pulses. It does not replace a cardiac examination , but serves to detect arrhythmias pulses at an early stage . The curve shown in oscilloscope diagram taken from a digital sphygmomanometer microlife technology PAD.The arrows indicate the arrhythmia . If the arrhythmic pulses occur during the measurement, the mark is displayed at the end of the measurement. Technology three measurements Pressure gauges MAM technology solve the problem of variability of pressure . With innovative technology MAM automatically received three pressure measurements , then check if there are measurements that the price escapes from the others and determined a weighted average , which is the actual pressure . Pressure gauges MAM technology of Microlife is evaluated D / E of the British Institute of Hypertension for their high accuracy and ease of use.The triple measurement technology MAM provides reliable results and is recommended by doctors. The data obtained by this method MAM technology specifically address the symbol mam. The MAM technology makes it possible to make an accurate , reliable and fast measurement of blood pressure in less than 2 minutes .
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