Apivita Holistic Men's Tonic Shampoo (for hair loss) 250ml - Men's Tonic Shampoo

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Apivita Holistic Men's Tonic Shampoo (for hair loss) 250ml - Men's Tonic Shampoo

Holistic Hair Care

with Hippophae TC & Rosemary

89% natural ingredients

Prolongs hair lifespan ̶ Enhances new hair growth

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Hair loss is due both to internal and external factors. Men's Tonic Shampoo strengthens and nourishes lifeless hair, contributes to the regulation of oiliness, while at the same time it improves micro-circulation at hair roots and enhances their development.

  • Strengthens hair against hair loss, increases hair density and strength, thanks to Hippophae TC and lupin proteins.
  • Restores the health of the scalp and enables healthy hair growth, thanks to the antimicrobial propolis extract.
  • Strengthens and revitalizes hair roots with various tonic ingredients: 4 vitamins, wheat proteins and ginseng*, cinchona, thyme* and lavender* extracts.
  • Offers gentle cleansing and respects both the physiology and the normal flora of the scalp, thanks to mild surfactants, saponaria and APISHIELD HS.
  • Contributes to oiliness regulation, leaves hair fluffy and with volume, thanks to liquorice roots, equisetum extract and a special mixture of essential oils.
  • Protects from external effects: styling, pollution thanks to APISHIELD HS.


Clinical Study Results

  • Tones scalp and hair (84%)
  • Treats hair loss effectively (72%)
  • Increase hair density and strength (72%)
  • Found it better than their own shampoo and would buy it (72%).
*Clinical study of 25 men with mild to moderate hair loss (I, II, III degree -Hamilton scale) 4 weeks, % participants who agree.


Apply a small amount on scalp. Rinse thoroughly.

Avoid eye contact For external use only.

ΑPIVITA advice

Hair loss is due to both internal factors, such as heredity and hormonal factors, and external factors, such as poor nutrition, strict diets, excessive friction during combing and brushing, pharmaceutical treatments, anemia, stress etc. In order to treat hair loss effectively, a holistic treatment with a comprehensive treatment system is needed. Men’s tonic shampoo revitalizes hair roots, strengthens and nourishes lifeless hair, improves its appearance, restores the health of the scalp and protects from environmental effects (styling, pollution).

Hair loss requires constant and regular treatment. Proper nutrition combined with the APIVITA lotion and oils for hair loss can contribute to the good health of the hair. Apply this treatment for at least 3 months and repeat 2-3 times a year.


Men’s Tonic Shampoo has a rich formula and contains 89% natural ingredients.

*Hippophae TC activation complex*Parabens
*Apishield HS*Silicones
*Rosemary infusion** instead of water*Mineral oil
*Antimicrobial propolis extract**Propylene glycol
*Lupin and wheat proteins*Ethanolamines
*Ginseng*, cinchona, thyme* and lavender extracts*Phthalates
*Thyme honey*PCM
*Provitamin B5, vitamins B3, B7 
*Tea Tree*, thyme*, peppermint* & Greek lemon essential oils 

*From certified organic cultivations

Recycled PET bottle, 100% recyclable packaging (PET, PP)


HIPPOPHAE TONIC COMPLEX activation complex

This new unique complex of APIVITA laboratories with organic hippophae - a real superfood for hair, rich in complex B vitamins, vitamins A and E and valuable fatty acids - and organic rosemary, with important tonic properties. With proven effectiveness in the hair growth cycle, enhances hair growth and increases hair lifespan.

Antimicrobial propolis extract

Specially made for enhanced antimicrobial action thanks to its rich in flavonoids and terpenes formula, restores the health of the scalp and enables healthy hair growth.


The exclusive, herbal, synergistic APISHIELD HS complex protects the scalp bioflora, strengthens hair defense against environmental effects (pollution, styling), while it reconstructs and strengthens hair. Its authenticity is based on the combination of 7 rare oligosaccharides from cotton honeydew, a prebiotic oligosaccharide and Arginine.

Herbal Infusion Base

APIVITA replaces water with organic infusions, such as organic rosemary, which add to its products mainly antioxidant properties. Given that most cosmetic products consist of more than 70% water, the base of APIVITA products is rich in antioxidant ingredients. Rosemary infusion is considered the most effective hair anti-aging solution, while at the same time, offers unique revitalization and invigoration. The effectiveness of the infusions chosen each time is scientifically proven.


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